4 How to Use the Master and Develop Branches

Git Flow is the name of a branching methodology that can be used to enable developers to manage their source code more effectively together and on their own. It also allows for a much more convenient code review process.

At the moment, there is only one branch called master. Let’s create another branch for the most active development called dev:

git checkout -b dev

You can do git branch to double check that we've now been switched to the newly created dev` branch. I’m going to add (stage) some files so that they are ready to be committed. For me, that is:

git add tutorial/requirements/*

You can do git status to make sure that the file(s) you want to include in the commit that follows are in fact ready to be committed. When that is as you want it, make a commit:

git commit -m "Added requirements files"

Now you’re ready to push that entire new branch (along with the newest commit) up to the remote repository:

git push origin dev

If you want to double check where you are pushing to, check the remote by doing:

git remote -v

You can then go to the link shown to see your updated code now in your remote repository on a new branch.