1 How to Build a To Do List

This is a brand new series on how to build a JSON API using Angular 1 and the Django Rest Framework. I will be using Python 3 for this project.

To get set up, make sure you have a virtual environment and install Django by doing pip install django==1.11.2 with the virtual environment activated.

Now we can create the beginnings of our Django project by doing django-admin startproject todo.

Let’s go inside that folder and save the requirements to a file called base.txt:

cd todo
mkdir requirements
pip freeze > requirements/base.txt

Now we need to make sure our DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE environment variable is set correctly as below. I like to stick this in the virtual environment’s postactivate script so that it will always be set correctly assuming the virtual environment is activated.

export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=todo.settings

Your project should now run successfully with django-admin runserver. In the next one, we’ll look at organising a template or two.